The Addams Family

Gomez–Jack Mannion

Morticia–Anna Przybylinski

Wednesday–Cara Niebling

Fester–Ethan Craig

Pugsley–Christopher Butler

Lucas–Joe Gallagher

Mal–Paul Kerner

Alice–Allyn Jones

Grandma–Alexa Kwiatkowski

Lurch–Ross Fagan

Conquistador–Ryan Sessler*

Saloon Girl–Abby O’Connell*

Soldier–Anthony Ferraro*



Flight Attendant–.Maggie Patton

Puritan–Kiaran Todd*

Bride–Kelly Woodward*


Flapper–Jade Burns*

Indian–Anna Droney*

Caveman–Mitchell McVeigh

Other Ancestors (costume TBD):

Josh Rohrbach*, Tucker Miller*, Maddie Johnson, Emma Howell, JR Dandrea*,

Owen Falkenhagen*,Nina DiPlacido*, Sydney Thiem*, Jordyn Gaines*  Sophie Mintsiveris, 

Corey E-W*, Trey Crockett*, Fiona Maclay, Mackenzie Cuneo*, Peyton Thiem*

*Indicates Tango dancers


Pit Singers:

Riley Nicholson, Savannah Alfaro, Kaitlyn Trainor, Nadia Vollbrecht, 

Hannah Iadeluca, Bethany Berndt, Emilee Landis, Rahaf Husein, 

Sarah Shields, Chance Walker, Ethan Howell, Molly Parks

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Addams Family!
We are always blown away by the talent here at McDowell.
If you were not cast, please, please, please come back to audition next year for our
2017-2018 school year (it’s going to be AMAZING).

If you were cast, congratulations!  We are so excited to get started and really buckle down right away.
 This is a huge show that needs to be pulled off in a short amount of time, so we are ready to see how all of your talent and hard work will pay off!

The first rehearsal will be on Wednesday, February 8th from 2:30-4:30 in the chorus room
for a read through/sing through for the entire cast.  
Thursday, February 9th will be vocals after school until 4:00 for everyone.
 A rehearsal schedule will be handed on out Thursday for the remainder of the rehearsal period.  

Mr. J, Mrs. J, Mrs. Weber, and Mr. E

The Great All-American
Musical Disaster

Ethel Kent–Mia Thornton

Ginger–Karly Carnicelli

Junior Dover Jr.–Corey Eisert-Wlodarczyk

Carmel McGregor–Molly Parks

Sylvia Metroland–Anna Droney

Chuckles Lafoon–Amanda Reichert

Bronco Whinny–Trey Crockett

Apassionatta Abalone–Grace DeVies

Mrs. Bumble–Annalise Vaughn

“Baby” Bernice–Rahaf Husein

Television AnnouncerOwen Falkenhagen

Winifred LungAlexa Burdick 

Plato VoltaireJosh Taylor 

MaidLexi Gilchrist

Gee-Gee FontaineNina DiPlacido

ChaufferSteven Zacharatos 

Gretta GuttAlyssa Baker 

Bob EverloveTucker Miller 

SallySami Deufel

PaulineJordyn Gaines

Map SellerItalia Prescott 

Tourist GuideDaphne Thompson

Assistant DirectorMaggie Patton 

Camera OperatorJR Dandrea 

Script PersonBrianna Braine 

Flint WormwoodGeorge Meucci 

Theo BartokKiaran Todd 

Make-Up ArtistZoe Levine 

Movie Star Fan/Tourist–Nadia Vollbrecht

Please see Mr. Emmanuele in room 2-101 by Friday, December 16th, 2016 to confirm that you accept your role. We will meet in January as a cast to touch base, but will not rehearse until April 3rd, 2017.