You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Cast

Charlie Brown – Joe Gallagher

Lucy – Allyn Jones

Sally – Katie Berlin

Snoopy- Owen Falkenhagen

Schroeder – Paul Kerner

Linus – Ryan Sesler

Pig Pen – Kiaran Todd

Frieda – Anna Droney

Woodstock – Rahaf Husein

Peppermint Patty – Fiona McClay

Shermy- Rob Kerner

Marcie- Emily Shreve

Rerun- Tucker Miller

Peggy Jean – Peyton Thiem

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  
As always it was a very difficult decision.  
We will have a brief meeting in room 6-105 on Wednesday, December 20th 
to pass out schedules, ticket information, and scripts.  
If you were not cast please come back and try out
for Beauty and the Beast on February 12th and 13th.

~Mr. J, Mrs. J, Mrs. Weber

Oresteia Cast

Watchman: Gianna Natalie

Clytemnestra: Italia Prescott

Herald: Daphne Thompson

Agamemnon: Josh Taylor

Cassandra: Isabella Foriska

Aegisthus: Ethan Howell

Orestes–Cameron Magourik

Pylades–Ariel Levine

Electra–Marissa Dressler

Doorman–Alyssa Baker

Cilissa–Shaylyn Lockwood

Servant–Savannah Alfaro

Pythia–Annastet Ngo

Apollo–Mia Thornton

Athena–Sophia DiPlacido

Chorus of Elders in Agamemnon

Karly Carnicelli (Choral Leader)

Alyssa Baker

Shaylyn Lockwood

Savannah Alfaro

Annastet Ngo

Mia Thornton

Lexi Gilchrist

Chorus of Women in Libation Bearers

Emma Morian (Choral Leader)

Daphne Thompson,

Isabella Foriska

Sophia DiPlacido

Emma Gotham

Brianne Braine

Aidan Fordyce

Chorus of Furies in The Furies

Riley Nicholson (Choral Leader)

Gianna Natalie

Josh Taylor

Ariel Levine

Marissa Dressler

Ethan Howell

Evie Vaughn

Thank you to everyone for taking a risk and auditioning for a Greek trilogy! Please review the entire list, as some people show up twice. Our first rehearsal will be Thursday, December 14th in Mr. Emmanuel's room (2-101) from 3:00pm-5:00pm.